- 2011 State of the UK Swimming Industry Report Published -



The 2011 State of the UK Swimming Industry report, published today, reports that 84% of the UK population live within 2 miles of a public or private swimming pool. 

With swimming being the most popular sport in the UK, the public have a choice of
4,674 swimming pool facilities across the 3,311 UK public and private sites with pools.   The report reveals up to date facts on the 1,905 pool facilities at private health clubs and the 2,769 pool facilities at public sports centres.  

In the 12 months to 31st March 2011 the number of swimming pool facilities at private health clubs took a small dip but they were offset by the increase in pool facilities on offer through the public sector sports centres.

Over the year, 37 new swimming pool facilities opened with 10 opening at private health clubs, and 27 opening at public sports centres.

“This is a valuable report for all of us concerned with sport and recreation. We know that swimming remains a massive participation sport and activity, but we still need to grow the market and the numbers participating regularly. Reports suggest that latent demand for swimming remains high so providing this kind of detailed information can help us all plan to meet this growth. It is good to see that the pool stock remains relatively stable but we will want to continually monitor this situation as public sector reductions in funding could have a significant impact in the future,” commented Andy Reed, Chair of Sport & Recreation Alliance and independent board member of the ASA.

Sean Holt, CEO, IMSPA, said,  ‘These figures aid us all in planning and providing relevant services to the sports and leisure sectors and enabling us to meet the opportunities arising from the Olympic momentum’.

‘Swimming’s popularity will only be heightened with the 2012 Olympics and we need to ask whether we have the facilities and programmes for a true Olympic legacy’, commented David Minton, director of The Leisure Database Company.

The South East region has the highest number of swimming pool facilities per geographic region in the UK with Northern Ireland being the region with the least number of pools.  A full regional breakdown of where the pools are located by private and public sector is provided in the report.

The report also includes an overview of other facilities available to the public at the swimming pool sites, the age of the swimming pool stock and an overview of the pool refurbishments where the percentage of each pool types that have been refurbished and the percentage of changing room refurbishments are reported.